My cats from, the cat-breeding Etiuda*PL, are so beautiful as....a music is. 

Our the first pure-bred female cat,which had appeared at our home, was a genuine Persian cream-coloured she-cat Adja Bravo
(at our small "stock farm", she has been called Wioletka (Violet).
There was 1977 year and we have not had a serious intend to start our animal husbandry.
It seems to us that cats are solitary beings and have to live a lonely life.
After many years later on (1987) at our home has appeared the second female cat
a Persian blue-white coloured HondaA from the Sezam*PL>, the Polish cat-breeding stock farm
(we have already called she Panda)and she is till now with us. Unfortunately these both she-cats have not enjoyed their progeny.

I have through many years grown my rearing of cats larger and there were appeared :
Bajka (a Fairy) from Eliza*PL; Greta (Margaret) from Etiuda*PL, Soraja from Patronat*PL, Gwiazdeczka(a Starlet) from Panda*PL<
have many times participated in exhibitions and shows, where my cats have enjoyed the highest positions
and they have been awarded the prestigious titles.

Our cats have found their new home into many Polish towns.
Our cats were considered as the pretty good genetic materials,they reinforced the others cat
-breeding stock farms through Poland and abroad.I have permanently maintained my lettered and personal contacts with my cats new owners
. These very contacts let me to exchange their and mine breeding experience and to offer them my needed help as well as to
enjoy our social contacts. All of these contacts make me sure that my tiny pussy-cats are "in hands" of a nice people and bring them a full joy.
From time to time I may watch my pussy-cats at some cat-exhibition, where they bring to
their new owners a real pride as the winners of the most distinguish titles.

Why the Persian and the exotic cats breeding are so fascinating? The answer seems to be simple: because,
there are breed, which bring to home so much warm and calm than any the other breed can't do it. Watching
them during the past many years I have already noticed their majestic and fully graceful deportment, which
compose the unique cats' ballet. Cats, like any the other animal being under the human care needs our love,
warm and attention, which I show them up! If you are interested to get much more information on these cats
breed, I would like to contact me directly and to visit my website 

Urszula Rzepecka ETIUDA *PL

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